Chilled Water With

Thermostat Control
Boiling Water
For Tea & Coffee

Steel Side Panels
Silver or Graphite
Minimal Electricity Consumption

Child Safety Tap Available
Available to Rent  or Buy

Power requirements
Hertz 50/Volts 220-240
Max power consumption
Cold & Ambient 100W
Cold & Hot 550W
Chilled temperature

Min 2°C/Max 11°C
Hot temperature
Max 92°C
Throughput litres per hour

Chilled 22/Hot 6

An established classic
The strength of this range lies in its reliability and simplistic design.

The b2 is our well-established classic with a robust, stylish and timeless execution.

Dimensions Floorstanding


Dispense height

Key Features
Simple to use and easy to maintain
Robust build construction
Floorstanding or countertop
Available in direct chill or reservoir

Chilled, ambient and hot

Borg & Overstrom b2

€ 549.00