Approx 14 times more fluid loss in Spain compared to the UK



​​​​2.7 Litres

​​​​3.7 Litres

What is the average daily requirement ? 

How Much Water Do We Need ?

Water is not only essential for life , it also helps people feel great and healthier...

The body's need for water is second only to oxygen, Coffee, carbonated beverages and beer fail to replace significant levels of body fluids, with alcohol actually increasing dehydration. Water at room temperature is the quickest form of re-hydration, replacing lost body fluids, and helping body organs to function properly, cushioning joints, and regulating body temperature.

Look for the signals that poor hydration may cause and take action 

Headaches . Dizziness . Tiredness .  Lethargy . Concentration Loss. 
Discoloured Urine . Cramps . Raised Body Temperature . Nausea . 
Cracked Skin 

Proper hydration is particularly important for people living in a hot and humid climate . 

When exposed to hot weather the body naturally cools down through perspiration, and this is only possible when properly hydrated. Failing to hydrate when exposed to the sun can have many negative effects on the body and mind and even prove fatal in extreme cases. Thirst cannot be relied upon as an accurate measure of hydration. When our body tells us we're thirsty, sufficient fluid has already depleted causing de-hydration long before we recognise it . Instead, drinking fluids at regular intervals irrespective of thirst, is the only way to keep our bodies hydrated and healthy

Why does  hydration become so important in the sun ?