Premium Water Coolers

The original concept  was simple. Take the hassle out of drinking water for your home or at the office. We also believe that helping reduce the amount of plastic drinking water bottles littering our planet is increasingly becoming our collective duty.

Bottled drinking water is killing our planet and our kids' futures.

FACT: Over 150 million barrels of oil are being squandered annually just to produce the plastic to sustain this plastic water bottle boom!
FACT:  Over 30 billion plastic bottles are produced annually and total recycling estimated at just over 12%, that leaves over 25 billion bottles needing disposal. Whether they end up in landfill sites or left as litter, one bottle takes 450 years to de-compose!

FACT: Travel around any coastline in the Mediterranean and witness just how many bottles sadly end up on our beaches.
FACT: It can take 40 litres of water, in the production process, to manufacture a single plastic bottle designed to carry 1 litre of mineral water!
FACT:  24% of all bottled water sold is simply filtered tap water. It is often of questionable quality and can sell for 100 times the price of filtered water and can contain more impurities.
FACT: Re-cycling plastic may not be a safe option either. As plastic degenerates over time, it will produce carcinogens - as phthalate leaches from the plastic. These by-products can mimic or block hormones in the body. The effect over time to our normal functions may prove to be very serious indeed.
Let us consider one very important fact in these economic times. MONEY. Renting or owning a budget drinking water system will save your wallet and will help to protect our planet. Now there is something that everyone can relate to!
All our systems are available with a comprehensive service and maintenance package - so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Filtered water is the healthiest, safest and most economical way to drink water. Above all it is brilliant for the planet and great for the pocket.