The Benefits Of Using A Whole House Water Filter

For those who are health conscious, the benefits of using a whole house water filter far outweigh the costs. A whole house system filters the water at the point of entry to your house, which means that all the water gets filtered, not just drinking water, but the water you bathe in, wash clothes in and cook with. This provides maximum removal of chemicals for those that are serious about their health.

Interestingly enough, this type of filter not only helps remove pollution from water, but also from the air in your home. Municipally treated water has chloroform gas in it, and according to the EPA, every home that uses it has elevated levels of this gas which can cause severe respiratory problems. A filter that filters all the water in the house removes this chemical before it gets into your home, therefore no chloroform gas is present.

Another benefit of a whole house water filter is that it filters the water you bathe and shower in. Most people don’t realize that the contaminants in water can be absorbed through the skin. So even though you might filter your water, if you don’t filter your shower you can still be getting toxins from the water this way. Also, chloroform and other chemicals are dispersed as a gas when the water is heated. If you are standing in the shower right under it you are probably breathing in a lot of chemicals.

Many people consider filtering their drinking water as very important, but what about the water you cook with? This water is absorbed by the foods you are cooking and, ultimately, ingested into your body so you are still getting all the contaminants from municipal water if you cook with it. Luckily a whole house filter will give you pure clean cooking water as well as drinking water.