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Filtration Helps to Remove


Proper Hydration is an essential part of healthy living , especially in a hot climate , however the buying , carrying and storage of heavy , space consuming water bottles can lead to unwanted stress and strain. 

Also piped mains water can become contaminated in many ways before it reaches your glass.

Filtration of mains water in the home not only alleviates this burden , it also provides on demand, clean, fresh, healthy drinking water,  whilst saving money and reducing the wastage of plastic bottles on the environment. 

​Why Filter ? 

Bacteria,  Calcium, Chloride, Chlorine, Cryptosporidium Cysts
Flouride, Giardia Cysts, Herbicides/Pesticides, Nitrate/Nitrite
Particulate, Sodium (Chloride) Taste & Odour
Metals ( such as Iron, Lead, Copper, Magnesium, Mercury, Zinc)

We take pride in our company by supplying the highest quality filter systems and associated products from the worlds best manufacturers , offering value for money & installed by competent trained installers with a no quibble money back guarantee. 

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