Introducing Aqualyze Stream:

Your Compact Powerhouse for Pure Water

Elevate your hydration experience with the **Aqualyze Stream**, a sleek, streamlined water filter system designed to effortlessly fit under your sink. Don't let the minimalist design fool you—this compact unit packs a punch, delivering clean, great-tasting water, while maximizing your valuable kitchen space.

 Why Choose Aqualyze Stream?

Taste the Difference

Say goodbye to unpleasant tastes and odors. The Aqualyze Stream transforms your tap water into a refreshing experience, free from chlorine, scale, and sediment.

  Cost-Effective Cartridge Changes

With a life span of up to 9,500 litres or 6 months, our cartridges not only last but are also economically priced, making maintenance a breeze.

Fast Flow, Zero Wait

Enjoy the convenience of instant access to purified water with an impressive flow rate of 2 litres per minute.

Make the Smart, Sustainable Choice Today!

Invest in the Aqualyze Stream and take the first step towards healthier living and a more sustainable future. Our hassle-free, space-saving solution is not just an appliance; it's a lifestyle upgrade.

Aqualyze Stream Water Filter System

Aqualyze Waterway Water Filter System

Discover Aqualyze Waterway:

Unparalleled Purity at High Capacity

Transform your kitchen into a wellness hub with the **Aqualyze Waterway**, the epitome of high-capacity water filtration. Seamlessly integrated under your sink, this powerhouse purifies every drop of cold water from your tap, turning ordinary water into an extraordinary experience.

Why Aqualyze Waterway is Your Ultimate Choice

Unbeatable Filtration

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Aqualyze Waterway filters down to a remarkable 0.5 micron. This ensures not only the removal of sediment but also the elimination of harmful cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Complete Contaminant Removal

Bid farewell to undesirable tastes, odors, chlorine, chemicals, and scale. Your water becomes a pure, refreshing delight for drinking, cooking, and more.

Certified Excellence

Our system meets the rigorous standards set by NSF International, certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42. This means you can trust the quality and safety of your filtered water.

Impressive Longevity

One cartridge serves you for an incredible 70,000 litres or 6 months. With such extended lifespan, you enjoy both convenience and cost savings.

High Flow, Zero Compromises

Benefit from a flow rate of 3.8 litres per minute. Instant access to premium quality water has never been this fast or efficient.

 Choose Wellness, Choose Sustainability

Investing in the Aqualyze Waterway isn’t just a choice for better water; it’s a commitment to better living and environmental responsibility. Don’t settle for anything less; choose Aqualyze Waterway and elevate your hydration experience today.

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