The simplest in drinking water systems . Being of stream lined design and consisting of minimal components , the Aqualyze Stream is the favourite choice for space saving undersink water filtration .

Aqualyze Stream Removes : Bad Taste : Odour : Chlorine : Scale , Sediment 

Filter should be changed every 9500 litres or 6 months .

Flow Rate 4 litres/minute

Cartridge changes are economic and simple to perform 

 Stream Drinking Water System

 Waterway Drinking Water System

Our Waterway high capacity drinking water system is plumbed in directly under the sink onto the kitchen cold water supply, thus ensuring all cold water required from the tap is filtered  providing cleaner healthier and great tasting water whatever its purpose.

The Waterway filters down to an incredibly fine 0.5 micron enabling the removal of sediment and cysts, and incorporates scale control.

Aqualyze Waterway Removes : Sediment & Cysts Cryptosporidium & Giardia : Bad Taste : Odour : Chlorine : Chemicals : Scale:

Tested & Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42

Filter should be changed every 70,000 litres or 6 months .
Flow Rate 3.8 Litres/Minute