It's a system that will give you filtered water direct from a tap or throughout your home from all of your taps .

 Installed underneath your sink or near your water meter, it connects to your incoming water supply . The water than passes through the system removing impurities , odours and bad tastes, delivering clean clear and refreshing filtered water on demand. 

One system does not suit all, with usage, budget and aesthetic apperances needing consideration.

With this in mind, Aqualyze drinking water systems offer many options to suit the customers requirements.

Buying any drinking water system can be easy, but buying an Aqualyze system ensures you get all your questions answered, a reliable product and a support service when you need it.

 Our team are available to answer any questions.
Qualified service engineers on call to assist with any installation, servicing or cartridge change-out requirements.

After sales service via our customer service Helpline - An Aqualyze expert ... not a call centre.

​​​What is a Drinking Water System ?